Payment methods


1. Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery to the transport company upon receipt of the products of the order.

2. Deposit in a bank account
In one of the following bank accounts. Please be sure to include your first and last name on the clip (or additional information) when filing.

NATIONAL GREEK BANK (ETHNIKI) GR6101102360000023661380040 23661380040
EUROBANK GR9402602160000960200781936 0026.0216.96.0200.7819.36
ALPHA BANK GR9401407030703002002022648 703002002022648
PIRAEUS BANK GR9101722230005223082439924 5223082439924

IBAN: GR0401102360000023600932703
Αρ. λογ.:  23600932703

IBAN: GR9402602160000960200781936
Αρ. λογ.: 0026.0216.96.0200.7819.36

IBAN: GR9401407030703002002022648
Αρ. λογ.: 703002002022648

IBAN: GR9101722230005223082439924
Αρ. λογ.: 5223082439924


3. With interest-free installments via credit card online, by phone, or from our headquarters
Through credit MasterCard, VISA, or American Express it is possible to pay in up to 36 interest-free installments with absolute transaction security.

4. One-time via debit or credit card online, by phone, or from our headquarters
With a debit card or credit MasterCard, VISA, or American Express you can pay in a lump sum for your order.



Shipping methods

1. Delivery with transport agency – transport
Our company cooperates with transport companies that can deliver nationwide in Cyprus. If you want delivery with another transport company with which we do not cooperate, please make sure that the transport company with which you cooperate can pick up your order from our headquarters.

2. Receipt from our headquarters
After completing your order and confirming the payment, the collection can be done from our headquarters. Otherwise, if the order is placed at our headquarters, you will have to wait until the payment is made and the order is completed.